Today, the Wilde Group of Companies enjoys a distinctive position among metallurgical companies in Chile through its diversification and expansion of its products and services offered to mining, construction, and aggregates industries.


Maestranza Wilde Ltda. has consolidated its prestige as a leading company in manufacturing and machining of parts for a variety of equipment for processing and handling materials.


Servicios Wilde Ltda. has focused itself in the development of engineering solutions in addition to the assembly and operation of crushing plants for the mining and aggregates industries.


Servicios y Maquinarias Wilde Ltda. helps in the repair and maintenance of mechanical crushing equipment and assists in construction and assembly tasks with heavy machinery and equipment.


Transportes Wilde Ltda. provides logistical support to its affiliates to strengthen our response to clients’ challenges bringing practical and timely solutions directly to their work sites.


All of this allows the Wilde Group of Companies to provide its clients with the certainty to receive a world class service and the trust that their satisfaction is guaranteed and backed by more than 56 years of experience and first class standards.


The Wilde Group of Companies can serve the specific requirements of our mining, construction, and aggregates industries clients quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively. More than half a century of experience in the domestic and South American markets, besides the hundreds of satisfied customers that repeatedly come to us with new requirements and challenges, endorse the reputation and position of the Wilde seal.