Occupational Safety
Wilde has an integral commitment with the health, wellbeing, and safety of everyone that works for its companies. In our facilities and work sites we have shown that risk prevention is paramount in our daily operations. The following are two examples: first, during the manufacture, construction, assembly, and commission of a 20 000 ton per day crushing plant in Teck’s Carmen de Andacollo site we consumed 270 000 man hours with a 203 person crew, for the duration of nine months without accidents or incidents involving lost time. In this project we invested 8.15% of the total man hours to prevention and occupational safety. Second, at Antofagasta Minerals’ Los Pelambres mine we built a crushing plant for 20 000 ton per day production as well and operated it during four years with a permanent crew of 64 without ever having had an accident involving lost time. That is more than 700 000 man hours!

In order to authenticate this commitment with the health and occupational safety of our people, we are in the last stages of certification under the OSHAS 18 000 standard.


Regarding the protection and care for the environment, Wilde is a corporate responsible entity. All of the waste generated by our processes are segregated, treated, contained, and disposed of according to the existing laws and regulations. We control our water consumption (for human consumption or industrial uses) in our facilities and at our work sites. When working on-site at clients’ locations we take effective measures and use appropriate equipment to minimize the particulates that certain jobs generate due to their distinctive nature and properties.


Community Involvement
In Wilde we are supportive. In each community where we work, we actively take part and volunteer —together with local authorities and local organizations— to support local development and wellbeing. We have sponsored schools, daycare centers, sport clubs and retirement homes providing them with supplies and equipment. Our staff has joined us helping in painting, remodeling, and improving accommodations for community organizations, sport facilities and cultural centers. As a company policy, we always prefer hiring local people for staffing projects and forming work teams. Lastly, but not least, Wilde also supports communities developing strong commercial alliances with local providers of supplies and services.